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Thom Holmes is an author, music historian, and book editor living in New York City. Holmes studied composition with Paul Epstein at Temple University and was a member of Epstein’s improvisation group in the early 1970s. He was the publisher and editor of the magazine Recordings of Experimental Music from 1979 to 1985. Working with John Cage, Holmes created and maintained the only discography of Cage’s music authorized by the composer. His experience in composing electronic music began with tape composition when he was a teenager, extended to real-time performance works on the Moog Modular synthesizer and currently encompasses works created using software synthesis. A student of contemporary music history, he has written books about the history of electronic music, jazz, rock, classical music and music technology.

Holmes is also an amateur paleontologist and author of over 20 books about evolution, dinosaurs, and other prehistoric life as well as a developmental editor of humanities textbooks for a major textbook publisher.

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